Harbory Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Our House...Your House
Harbory is a medical cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Southern Illinois. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to all our patients, with an emphasis on illuminating the beneficial effects of medical cannabis.
Our objectives are to advise, educate, listen, and provide our patients with the highest level of care and compassion.
We are dedicated to not only finding relief for our patients via natural and safe alternatives, but also committed to being a positive driving force in our community as well.
We are honored to provide Marion, Illinois and the surrounding counties with the highest quality medical cannabis and patient care available. Give us a call or stop by for a visit to learn how to become a verified patient.
Harbory was founded in 2015 by mother and son team Michele Koo, MD FACS and Cameron Lehman. Their goal is to supply the highest quality medical cannabis available and to improve the quality of therapeutic and palliative care for patients in southern Illinois.
At Harbory, we ensure that every individual who comes through our doors feel truly cared for, valued and respected. We honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by rigorously observing and enforcing the laws of the great state of Illinois, while seeking to preserve the safety and tranquility of our neighborhood.